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SkizbUp platform connecting startups and investors

Recently, Armenian startups are being more and more discussed. many of them, mainly those related to IT sphere, usually have success. One of the biggest problems for the startups is the process of finding investors and involvement of funds.

Today, as a solution for the above mentioned problem for Armenian startups, SkizbUp offers a platform, which connects startups and potential investors.

PanARMENIAN.Net has talked with the founders of the new platform, Ruben and Sona, to find out what SkizbUp is and how it works.

Where did SkizbUp's idea come from?

"The idea came to us in September 2017 after participating in the Climate Launchpad Armenia program. It was then that we understood that there are, actually, very few Armenian startups, who know how to properly present their business ideas. During the program we noticed that there were very interesting ideas that lacked of proper presentation," said Sona, adding that that was the time to think of something new and helpful for startups.

"We decided to help startups find investors and make their ideas more presentable. There are young people with interesting ideas who do not know what to do, are not aware of marketing tools, are far from accounting and other areas in which they will need help and support during the development of their ideas. And even when startup company involves funds very often they do not know how to handle it. This is the reason why the overwhelming majority of startups fail," "added Ruben.

What is SkizbUp?

According to the founder of the platform, SkizbUp will not only find investors, but will also show support by providing working space for startups, appropriate professional support, necessary equipment, legal advice.

"There is no such platform in the region. It's clear that there are foundations that support with money. In this case, the startup again stands in the way of the problem. The company has money but he does not know what to do with it. No other platform or foundation offers such level of assistance," said Ruben.

How to apply?

On the website of SkizbUp ( the idea creator should fill out an application by shortly explaining its idea. A very important fact is that the whole idea of each startup will remain confidential until the finished phase. The Terms and Conditions section of the site details all the terms of cooperation with the organization.

An investor can choose to invest in a startup in any field. In this case, SkizbUp is a mediator that regulates legal and other important issues.

The founders of the platform showed their bright and colorful office, where later they could work with different startups and told that another office is in the process of being repaired.

Ruben noted that both Armenian and foreign startups can apply to SkizbUp, and can be at any stage of development. "The compulsory condition is one, the startup should be an innovative or simply interesting idea," added Sona.

Speaking of startups in Armenia people mainly think of the IT industry, the founders of the platform noted that they are ready to accept the startup of any sector, from the idea of the children's book to board game.

They also said that they already have potential investors and plan to carry out their activities both in Armenia and abroad.